Radical Research Summit 2017 | 2017 Radical Research Summit - Dongwook Yoon
Dongwook Yoon is an assistant professor at the UBC department of computer science. Yoon's research lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, computer mediated communication, and educational technology. He builds interactive systems powered by expressive multimodal interactions. Yoon received his B.S. with Electrical Engineering in 2007 and M.S with Computer Graphics in 2009 at Seoul National University. In 2017, Yoon earned his Ph.D. in Information Science at Cornell University.
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Academic Speaker - Dongwook Yoon

2017 Radical Research Summit Enriching collaboration systems: Improving online collaboration with multi-modal interactions

In this talk, Dongwook Yoon will present rich collaboration systems that are designed to bring the expressivity of human-to-human interaction into online collaboration. Face-to-face interaction, as compared to meeting in a virtual way, offers unmatched expressivity for conveying complex ideas and nuanced emotions (e.g., emotions embedded in voice inflection or the unspoken meaning of a pointed finger).

To enhance expressivity of virtual collaboration tools, Yoon's design approach translates such natural human interactions into novel combinations of input modalities (e.g., speech, writing, and gesture) that serve as building blocks for fluid, rich, and lightweight interfaces. Yoon built, deployed, and evaluated high-fidelity systems in real world contexts (e.g., classrooms), from which we can obtain ecologically valid user data. He plan to pursue the vision for rich collaboration systems by extending his approach to mixed reality, a promising next generation computing platform.

2017 Radical Research Summit Dongwook Yoon, University of British Columbia

Dongwook Yoon is an assistant professor at the UBC department of computer science. Yoon's research lies at the intersection of human-computer interactions, computer-supported cooperative work, computer mediated communication, and educational technology. He builds interative systems powered by expressive multimodal interactions. Yoon received his B.S. with Electrical Engineering in 2007 and M.S. with Computer Graphics in 2009 at Seoul National University. In 2017, Yoon earned his Ph.D. in Information Science at Cornell University.

Friday, September 29th

Radical Research Summit - Dongwook Yoon

2017 Radical Research Summit Summit Speakers