Vivianne Castillo

RRS Ethics & power: understanding the role of shame in UX research

UX Research - a field that directly impacts the experiences and products our organizations and companies creates - suffers from a deep sense of pride about understanding and practicing empathy.

In order to protect empathy from becoming a shallow cliche, the UX Research community needs to discuss this critical cause of human disconnection that prevents us from experiencing and practicing true empathy: we need to talk about shame and why it's our ethical & professional responsibility to do so. Dr. Brene Brown once said, "You have comfort and you have courage, but you can't have both at the same time. Choose."

By the end of this talk UX Researchers will no longer be able to sit on the sidelines of this critical conversation; instead, they'll find themselves pursuing courage over comfort in both the professional and personal space of their lives.

RRS Biography

Vivianne is a UX Researcher with 7 years of psychology and research experiences spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries. She is an advocate for prioritizing empathy and humanity in design, and for synthesizing complex research into intuitive, simple systems.


Prior to becoming a UX Researcher, she worked primarily in the arenas of trauma counseling, tackling issues like shame, empathy, vulnerability and compassion.



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