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Lydia Elle

CEO, Supplies for Allies

Lydia Elle is the CEO of Supplies For Allies™️, consultant on allyship, an advocate for women in business. Lydia is also a best-selling author who speaks on the importance of embracing all aspects of life and approaching each moment with authenticity and hope. Sparked by her daughter catching a few glimpses of the George Floyd murder and the recent events at our nation’s capital, Lydia founded Supplies For Allies, the antiracism platform that provides training, resources and products on allyship. Her goal is for “Antiracism to become so common in everyday life that Supplies For Allies goes out of business!” Supplies consults with organizations to be intentional about creating an antiracism and allyship culture and also is the home of The Allyship Calendar™️, that individuals can subscribe to for daily support on their allyship journey. To learn more go to

Speaking at the conference

Wednesday, September 29, 9:00-10:00 am PST

The Importance of One

We typically regard the experiences of one person as anecdotal, and reserve the term “data” for larger sets of results to be used in data-driven analysis and decision-making. You losing 10 lbs by only eating graham crackers for a week doesn’t warrant a submission to the New England Journal of Medicine. But what if one person at your workplace feels physically or emotionally unsafe because of the office culture? Is that enough data to work towards change? Should it be enough? The only way to gather more data is to wait for others to feel unsafe, or be hurt, and then report it. But is this necessary? Data is great, but the feeling of one valued friend, coworker, or employee should be all the data we need to start working toward safer spaces.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data is important but it is more than just a collection of points, but rather it is collection of personal stories.
  • Data is a tool to help us identify problems, but not the only indicator of them.
  • The lived experiences of people is worth as much as physical evidence and is deserved of the same energy to create a solution.
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