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Matthew Manos

Founder, Managing Director, verynice

Called “crazy or genius” by Forbes, Matthew Manos is an author, educator, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder of verynice, a design strategy practice that gives half of its services away for free to nonprofit organizations. With clients including Apple, the American Heart Association, UNICEF, Disney, and Google, verynice’s work has reached millions of people across the globe. Matthew is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Reginald, a publisher of pay-what-you-want creative problem solving toolkits.

Speaking at the conference

Wednesday, September 29, 11:00-11:50 am PST

Less (Bad) Design

“We must stop defiling the earth itself with poorly-designed objects and structures.” – Victor Papanek

Papanek might have been onto something. Every day, designers and innovators alike, with the best of intentions, work really hard to devise solutions that often create more harm than good.

Less (Bad) Design is a toolkit for ethical ideation; limiting, as Papanek says, the objects and structures that “defile”. In this workshop, Less (Bad) Design author, and verynice Founder, Matthew Manos, will take participants through a new framework for uncovering the new problems our “solutions” might generate; questioning our own perception of the problems we seek to solve in the first place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the 12 principles for bad design.
  • Learn a new framework for defining problems.
  • Learn a new approach to ethical ideation.
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