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Tyler Gindraux

User Researcher, Royal National Institute for Deaf People

Tyler is a User Researcher with experience working in National charities on User Experience and Digital teams. She’s currently at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People in the UK, where she facilitates research with deaf people and people with hearing loss to help us build accessible and useful products and services. Tyler’s practice is grounded in participatory design, as she believes strongly in the importance of opening up design processes to involve the people who are most impacted by services, places and decisions. She discusses topics like this in a monthly newsletter, called Design With.

Speaking at the conference

Tuesday, September 28, 10:05-10:50 am PST

Designing an Inclusive Participant Experience

This talk is for anyone who facilitates user or design research. The talk has 3 main focus areas:

1. Understanding research from a participant’s perspective: How does it feel to participate in research? Applying trauma-informed care and accessibility principles to participation in user research.

2. Designing across the participant journey: How can we create more supportive and inclusive touchpoints for participants in research? Using the participant journey as a design tool.

3. Inclusive research in action: How might we use this in practice? Examples of how seeing the research as a journey can help you design a more inclusive experience for the people who take part.

Further resources: Tyler will touch on frameworks and references that have been integral to her own learning and leave attendees with a bibliography slide so they can access information if they choose to, and at a time that makes sense for them.

Key Takeaways:

  • I understand the research experience from a participant’s perspective.
  • I can anticipate some of the fears, issues or barriers a participant might experience, and can be flexible when something comes up that I haven’t anticipated.
  • Now that I see the participant experience as a journey, I can use this as a design tool.
  • I’m equipped with practical strategies for facilitating a more supportive, inclusive and trustworthy research experience for everyone who’s involved.
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